Panols II


Feb 6, 2019

Optimized export for vertical/portrait oriented images.

• Fixed a major bug that was rotating vertical images 90º on export.


Feb 6, 2019

Optimized the app to export photos up to 50% faster! Enhanced the Detail view to be able to show splits in full-screen.
สวัสดี Thai friends, we have translated the app for you!

• Improved export performance up to 50% faster exports!
• Detailed information about image export progress.
• Added ability to export Panols and post to Instagram from the Details view in every Panol created.
• Added Thai translation.


Jan 14, 2019

Image formatting and better feedback workflow.

• Fixed bug for users that weren’t able to create a split due to image format, especially for Screenshots saved on your photo library.
• Improved providing app feedback by opening an email composer


Jan 9, 2019

Offline users: better messaging for non-online users.

• Fixed crash for users trying to make In-App Purchases offline.
• Improved messaging for users without an internet connection.


Jan 4, 2019

– Fix for users that were getting crashes for making In-App Purchases.

• Analytics
• Performance APIs


Jan 2, 2019

– Easier access to folders in your photo library.
– Improvements to the App Introduction.

• Photo picker now reveals folders, previously was a power user feature.
• Intro screen was getting stuck when users were swiping on the label
• Intro Arrow was corrected to point towards the direction the user needs to swipe.


Dec 31, 2018

Bug updates

• Analytics
• Performance APIs


Panols II — Dark mode redesign

Panols II is feature packed since the release of 1.0, two years ago.

• Dark mode: redesigned UI from the ground up.
• New photo picker with tall phones in mind.
• Multi-grid splits: more options to split in 2, 3, 4, 5, etc...
• Portrait mode: display more of your pictures.
• Rotate: get the right perspective for your photos.
• Watermarks: brand and copyright your images.
• Metadata: details and descriptions for to your photos.
• Post to Instagram: easy to post with “Copy to instagram.”

Panols I


Nov 7, 2017

iPhone X is here! Now you can create new Panols on that gorgeous OLED screen!

Bringing edge to edge support on that new iPhone X.
Aside from supporting the big screens, we've also included some tweaks to support iOS 11 and speed up the export of new Panols!

Enjoying Panols, leave us a review and help us continue to improve the app.
PS: Big updates coming soon, stay tuned! :)

• iPhone X Support
• iOS 11 Support

Bug Updates

Jan 26, 2017

Get the latest update to get all the available features and improvements!
We've made a few teaks to the way we export Panols and with that, introduced cards explaining what we do every time you hit that "Export" button. Overall, there’s speed improvements and some bug fixes.

Psst, we also support Raw photos from your new iPhone or your greatest camera!

Go out there explore the landscapes around you, capture them and post new Panols on your Instagram account!
Don't forget to Tag @panols and use the #panols hashtag!

• Speed improvements
• Crash fixes
• Intro walkthrough

Bug Updates

Dec 17, 2016

Here are some quick fixes to some unintended "features." :) — More features coming soon!

• Fixed: Crash when user selected an iCloud image (offline)
• Added: Manage downloading images from iCloud to use.
• Added: Error dialog when media is not available


Panols 1.0 Release

Panols Allows iPhone Photographers to Share Panorama Shots on Instagram.

Split any photo from your photo library into 3 squares to post into Instagram. With the ability to see metadata information and able to edit and organize your photos with tags, descriptions and titles.

1. Select a photo
2. Split into three
3. Post to Instagram

Panols allows photographers to share the panoramic photos taken with their iPhone, as well as other photos stored in their Photo Library, with Instagram users everywhere. The app takes the Panorama shots stored in the device's Photo Library, and accurately splits the wide-shot into three separate shots, allowing users to take advantage of the Instagram profile display grid to showcase them in their full glory via the social network's standard three-across display view.

Edits to photos sync with your Photo Library without effecting the original.

Don't forget to add the #panols hashtag and tag @panols in your next Panol!

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