Juan Arreguin

Product Designer Specialties: User Experience, User Interface, Mobile design, Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, and Branding and Identity.

If you have ever wanted a severe case of California nature wanderlust, look no further than Juan Arreguin’s Instagram feed. As a digital product designer, Juan has a keen eye for seeking out great shots. Juan is also an avid rock climber and hiker based in San Francisco, which means that he's always exploring new unique spots around California. He captures vast nature scenes and mixes up his editing styles between clean and bright vibrant sunsets and moody, foggy scenes with deep green tones using the Priime app to edit all of his shots.

Juan's dreamy captures will make you want to hop in a car and explore every bit of the scenery that California has to offer. We talk with Juan about his photography and showcase his captures below.

iPhone XS
Sony α6300